Despite being a hub of business and government of the Wakulla County, this place is the finest example of archeological brilliance. This place once witnessed the wrath of a devastating hurricane which destroyed almost everything that was dear to the town. But it never took long for the town to rebuild and restore. The place is known for its authenticity and is home to several conservation parks, the historic Courthouse and more.

Things to do in Crawfordville, FL

Pelican Place:

If you have a thing for art and culture, then this place can offer you unique blend of homemade decorative items with a modern touch. It is a conversational place where you can find unique structures and art forms made from recycled materials. Spread over a vast area, you can enjoy some good art around.


Roadside Rusted Ford Trucks:

This place is a graveyard for old Ford trucks. You can see old rusty trucks placed in a line. You can find almost every truck Ford made back in the days. The old and rusty trucks never mind getting photographed. People of Crawfordville, FL believe in preserving everything that they own and instead of throwing away, they just submit it to the art society.


Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park:

If you want to breathe fresh air and experience the wildlife on their turf, then a visit to Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park is worth every penny. From manatees to wildcats, the place is home to some of the endangered species of animals as well as plants.


San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park:

This place holds the key to the history of Florida. From the military stuff to the fascinating history of the war, discover the untold story of the people of Florida.