If you are choosing a place to relax and calm, do not choose this place because it is filled with adventures. This is the place that you have got to explore because it has so much to offer. Resided in the Sarasota County, this place is a haven for animal lovers. There are a couple of national reserve centers specially dedicated to the endangered animal and bird species. Other than that, you can spend some quality time shopping, playing golf, eating amazing delicacies, relaxing on the beach and more.


Things to do in Fruitville, FL

Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary:

If you are eyeing a family-friendly vacation, then Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Fruitville, FL is the best place to visit with your whole family. Go on an adventure trip to spot on some bobcats and other wild animal species. But, you will get mesmerized when you see a flock of Flamingos nesting.


The Siesta Beach:

The crystal sand and sun-kissed beaches will make you go madly in love with this place. The temperature is at its best as it is not too hot nor it is too cold. This makes the water more refreshing.


Sarasota jungle garden:

Another jungle safari for you and your kids, this is an amazing place to visit where you can find some exotic animal species in their natural habitat. These animals are brought from all over the world like pandas, Bengal tigers and more.


Lido Beach:

If you are tired of all the adventure activities you have done in Fruitville, FL, then this beach will provide you all the relaxation and comfort you need.