How to Hire Property Management Companies?


In the past few years, many property management companies have emerged. If you are unable to give your property on rent, a skilled property manager can help you. These are professionals who can help you during tough times. Most property managers are trained to work like landlords. They can resolve all kinds of issues easily.


Most investors believe that property managers are similar to dentists. It is definitely a not-so-interesting thing to do. Yet, if you have a good property manager by your side, you can ensure cash flow and preserve your home.


Undeniably, property managers have a portfolio you can rely on. The portfolio will help you define the property manager’s experience and expertise. If you attend “Investment Associations and Real Estate meetings” you will receive suggestions from other investors. Some states have associations for landlords. These associations are known as “Property Owners Associations”. Through these associations, you will be able to gain information on who are the best and reputed property managers in the market. Reviews from real-time landlords will be useful and accurate. You will be able to know, pretty much everything about the property manager.  


With this being said, here are few tips on how to choose a good property manager.


#1 Expertise


First of all, you must understand how many properties they can handle. If they are handling projects, figure out how many properties are present in each project. Next, you should figure out how many employees are taking care of the properties. Reputed property management companies can process between 20 and 35 units. Each unit is monitored by 3 to 6 employees. The employees are both trained and skilled in handling properties. They follow unique strategies that can make the process simpler and faster. Once you know about the properties and employees, you must judge how the company would survive with few more responsibilities.


#2 Do They Let Out Properties?


Next, figure out if the property management company owns rental properties. If yes, this will be a real deal breaker. Property managers tend to construct and let out properties for a reason. They believe that own properties can teach them the secrets of being a landlord. An investor’s experience is always unique. They see situations and properties differently. In fact, they value healthy competition. If the property management company has its very own properties, here are few questions you should answer:

  1. -Will the property manager look for your property or theirs?
  2. -Whose property will be filled quickly?
  3. -How much do they quote for their properties?
  4. -Does the property manager use your money for improving their homes?

Though nasty, these are few questions you must not neglect. In the long run, you will be able to understand the property managers better.


#3 A Routine


A critical part in maintaining and managing tenants/properties is following a routine. Before you hire a property manager, check if they are prepared to follow a routine. For instance, they must inspect your properties formally. These inspections must be scheduled periodically. Some property managers are very accommodating. They will talk about their requirements and budget ahead of time.


#4 Space


Does the property manager cut off your sentences? Or, are you able to engage in full conversations? Or, are you finding it hard to reach a conclusion? In all these cases, the property manager can be troublesome. If you have questions or issues in mind, the property manager’s first priority should be to fix them! The market’s finest managers know how to handle property issues. These are the companies you must focus on. The property manager must be keen on customer satisfaction. They should have strategies, techniques, and tools to protect your property and tenants.


#5 Automated Solutions


Are you aware of the hundreds of property management solutions in the market? These are automated solutions. And, most landlords find these solutions overwhelming. If you wish to pick a talented property manager, figure out their automation solution. Are they using high-quality management tools to ensure accuracy and results? If they are not using an automated solution, they might be inefficient or reluctant to share status reports with you. This will result in a less profitable experience with the property management company.


#6 Rates


Last but certainly not least, you should be aware of the property manager’s rates. Most companies quote between 5 and 15 percent of the rents. If you are paying on percentage basis, be clear with the figures. And, don’t forget to document the agreed amount.