Jefferson County, Florida, is located on the eastern edge of the panhandle just east of Tallahassee. The county, which was named after the third President of the United states and influential writer of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, has a population of around 14,600. The county seat is Monticello. The county was formed in 1827 from Leon County, and as such was one of the first to break off from the original northern county, Escambia County.

There are many things that set Jefferson County apart from other counties. The landscape of the area is full of diversity since the land stretches all the way from Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico. It is visually distinctive with lots of greenery, plenty of forested areas, and lush hills.

Being at the edge of the panhandle, and located so conveniently close to Georgia, the Gulf of Mexico, Tallahassee, and other cities in Florida, Jefferson County has been dubbed the Keystone County. The county not only lives up to this title geographically, but culturally as well. The area is at the center of everything that makes Florida distinctive. The mild weather, friendly communities, and natural beauty are quintessentially Florida.

As a bedroom county of Tallahassee, one of the best features about Jefferson County is its remarkably low crime rate and affordable living. Equally attractive is its commendable healthcare and excellent school systems. All of this, combined with the beauty of the hills, forests, rivers, ponds, and coastline, make the wide open spaces of Jefferson County appealing to families and retirees alike.