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How Has Property Management Online Marketing Changed The Industry?

The advent of the internet has revolutionized the property management industry — and for the better. Today, property management online marketing strategies have become a staple as they bring about numerous benefits for both businesses and consumers. Here’s what you need to know about online marketing for property management companies.

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What Are the Benefits of Property Management Online Marketing?

In the property management industry, traditional marketing strategies — such as direct mail, flyers, newspaper ads, and billboards — are being replaced by online marketing (also known as digital marketing). Given that 90% of Americans use the internet, this is not a surprise. The widespread availability of the internet has given both businesses and consumers access to information like never before.

In order to have a better grasp of the value of online marketing for property management companies, here are some of the benefits they provide.


1. Reach a Wider but More Targeted Audience

audience | digital marketing for property managementThe property management industry is highly saturated so in the past, companies had to employ aggressive marketing techniques to attract clients.

Now, thanks to the internet, it’s the clients who are coming to you — provided that your company has effective online marketing strategies in place.

Property management companies can use Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites to reach a wider audience. Paid advertising on these sites also allows you to target property owners located in your service area.


2. Establish Your Reputation as a Property Management Company

Customers will not trust a company they do not know. That’s why it’s important to establish an online presence. In this day and age, it’s standard to have a corporate website — with complete contact details, valuable industry-related content, and a list of services — as well as official accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and so on.

Property management companies can advertise more effectively if they are able to communicate their experience and expertise to potential customers online. Apart from having official accounts, the company can answer commonly asked questions on sites like Quora and join Facebook groups to provide assistance. Once customers become familiar with your company’s name and reputation, they will be more open to getting your services in the future.


3. Better Marketing Outcomes at a Lower Cost

Placing an ad in the newspaper, renting a billboard, or buying television airtime can be very effective marketing techniques — but they are also very expensive. With online marketing, you can achieve the same (or even better) results for much, much cheaper.

While creating a website and publishing regular content will still incur some expenses, it is nothing compared to the more traditional marketing strategies. It’s also easy to advertise on free platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google. Even if you pursue paid advertising on these sites, the marketing costs will still be significantly lower.


4. More Avenues to Advertise

Another reason for the property management online marketing boom is due to the many digital platforms available to companies and property owners. You can quickly find tenants by putting property listings on websites like Zillow,,,, or Craigslist. Since these websites are available 24/7, you are still able to advertise outside of the working hours.

As you increase attention to your property, your marketing efforts will also become more cost-efficient. For instance, if there are a lot of people interested in a property, you can have a group schedule for an open house. This reduces the time, money, and effort you spend with individual viewings.


5. Provide Better Service to Clients

satisfaction | digital marketing for property managementThe internet is one of the best communication tools available today. As you establish an online presence, it also becomes easier for customers to contact you.

You can use online feedback from current clients to address issues that they may have raised and to further improve your services. If potential customers see that you are paying attention to your clients, they will be more likely to conduct business with your company.

Online marketing metrics can also identify which strategies are converting into leads and sales for your company. This can also help save you money. Since you can see results quickly, it’s possible to stop an ineffective marketing campaign. The remaining budget for that campaign can then be utilized for more successful digital marketing strategies.


Digital Marketing for Property Management Companies

Given the benefits of property management online marketing, it’s not hard to get excited about what it can do for your business. But if you are new to digital marketing, you might not know where to start. Here are some tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies that you can use for your property management company.


1. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Almost half of all internet users now access the internet through their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and consoles) than their desktop computers. As such, it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website. The user experience should be fluid and seamless regardless if they were using a smartphone or a desktop. If your website’s interface is clunky and unattractive, they will exit your website even before you have a chance to advertise your services.


2. Invest in Content

Content marketing is one of the best ways to establish your online reputation as a property management company. Make an effort to publish informative and engaging content on your website. You need to create articles that really speak to the needs and issues of property owners.

Also, avoid making a hard sell on your blog posts. The goal should be to engage your potential customers and enrich their knowledge base. Once you earn their trust, they will be much more open to your ads and services.


3. Build Your Email List

email | digital marketing for property managementWith strategies such as content marketing, immediate sales aren’t always the initial goal. You can also use these strategies to build your email list. If you have potential customers on your email list, you won’t have to track them down on other websites or platforms.

You can send them valuable links, engaging content, and advertise from time to time. When the time comes that they need property management services, they will know to come to you.


4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most popular online marketing strategies used by businesses. Businesses can use relevant keywords to advertise to their specific market. For instance, as a property management company in Florida, you’re more likely to reach your intended audience by using the keyword “property management Florida” rather than just “property management.” Combined with other online marketing strategies, SEO can be very effective for your business.


5. Expand Your Network

Property management companies can also use online marketing to expand their network. You can search for affiliate businesses — such as cleaners, plumbers, handymen, attorneys, banks, and accountants — in your area. If they have their own website, you can try to cross-advertise. This is because your companies are highly likely to be servicing the same audience. But, there is no competition because you provide different services. By expanding your network, you can further increase your clientele.

Incorporating Property Management Online Marketing Strategies Into Your Business

The internet has changed the way we do business and those who refuse to adapt will be left behind. Though it may seem overwhelming in the beginning, incorporating online marketing strategies can bring significant success to your property management company. With cost-effective and practical strategies, you’ll be able to effectively build your online reputation and increase your client base. Just consider all the points from this property management online marketing guide and you’ll be off to a great start.

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