How do Property Managers use Social Media Platforms?

social media

Over the past few years, social media has turned into a powerful tool for marketing. Every business needs the support of social media marketing strategies. Even property managers find it difficult with the help of social media.

Property managers use social media to find buyers, tenants and to interact with existing clients. There are many active social media websites to keep potential clients engaged. The word “engaged” means many things here. Creating an account on every social media platform is not sufficient. Instead, the online user should show active participation, competitiveness and must stay engaged.

With this being said, here are few ways your property manager handles the social media.


They always strategize!

To begin with, they strategize their goals. It is important to have discreet goals before you start a social media account. Important questions raised by property managers before hitting the sign up button are:

  1. -How many hours can you invest in social media sites?
  2. -How often will new content be posted online?
  3. -Do you have a website that can drive online traffic? Are you focusing on organic traffic?
  4. -How many social media accounts can you manage?
  5. -Do you have a discreet goal for each account?
  6. -How will you track progress and measure success?

When property managers strategize their goals, they keep in mind that every day has only 24-hours. And, they cannot afford to stay indoors. Property managers must travel around and at the same time handle their social media accounts. This is why they should strategize with care.


Small Steps at a time

Not all property managers go big! Most of them kick start with small moves. Once their project goals and strategies are detailed, they have a starting point to work from. Venturing into real-time social media platforms can be exceptionally intimidating. This is why smart property managers begin with few options like Twitter and Facebook. These are two renowned social media platforms that help in understanding what current clients are focusing on. With time, property managers become fancier and expand their area of focus.


Property Managers Love Blogs!

Property management companies are considered as hyper bloggers! They rely on blogs for online traffic. Most property managers write blogs in their neighborhood. They focus on interesting stories that are worth their time and effort.

On the other hand, landlords and residents prefer blogs that are geo-targeted. These blogs attract tenants and potential buyers. The ultimate aim of these blogs is to start a conversation. Also, it helps customers understand the best time for buying and renting properties.

Nevertheless, property managers don’t overwhelm their websites with blogs. They schedule articles carefully. For example, they begin with a single post per week. This gives loyal customers a reason to visit your website again.


It’s all about creating an Impact!

Social media platforms are required to create a lasting impact. It is a multi-channel platform for marketing. All top companies rely on social media platforms for success. Without the help of social media platforms, it becomes difficult to target audiences. When you invest in social media sites, you will be able to target and amplify local traffic.

Did you know?


  • -More than 70% of clients use social media referrals to choose and filter properties.
  • -Around 80 million people rely on social media platforms for property details.
  • -After an online search, 60% of clients visit businesses and 70% ask for more information.
  • -Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are tagged as the most influential social media sites.


Local social media efforts don’t stop with advertising. It is a way of offering more information to clients. With the help of social media platforms, property managers educate and deliver information to audiences.


Fostering an Online Group

It takes lots of time and effort to inspire a group of people. And, property managers should inspire potential renters and buyers. Inspiring clients to engage in online groups and communities is a tough job. Luckily, social media platforms have reduced the burden of this task. Facebook pages are often used by property managers to announce events, post details about featured properties, share views on a neighborhood and even host competitions. Some property managers create separate pages for move-in deals, floor plans, and amenities.


Claiming Business Platforms and Directories

Last but certainly not least, skilled property managers know how to make use of online directories. For example, Yelp is an amazing tool for advertising. It has no-string and is extremely informative. It encourages existing and prospective customers to post reviews.