Resident Retention is Extremely Crucial for All Property Managers

Property Manager keeping Tenants happy

If you have a good idea about property management, you will know the importance of resident retention. Being a property manager, you will often come across tenants who will say that they want to stay here in this property for a lifetime. But do you really believe they will stick to it? Well, different tenants have different circumstances under which they come to stay. For instance, some prefer taking a property on rent for a while, some shift temporarily for a problem while some are compelled to leave when they come across heavy negligence on behalf of the property manager and landlord. So, if you are determined to retain residents, you need to know the strategies apart from just fixing up things as per requirement.

Property managers have multiple responsibilities. Behind retaining the tenants, what they ensure is getting high rent and that also on time. They are required to communicate constantly with their landlord as well as the residents. Any sort of ignorance on their part can just take moments to make the tenants decide that they are not going to extend their duration of stay. If this happens, the landlord will have no reasons left to keep a property manager.

So, here are a few tricky ways as to how would you retain your residents. Have a look:

Keep your tenants in mind


The more you ignore your tenants, the worse it will be. If by any means, a tenant of yours has an impression that you are taking too much time or not paying attention or not taking any interest to take the matter seriously, he will state multiple reasons and leave the property in an instant. Remember, your tenants are the source of your income that can only save you. So, keep them happy by responding to their requests, getting their repairs done, answering their calls, replaying their emails etc. No matter how busy you are, nothing can keep you busier than your tenants.


Keep your communication active


A common blunder, which most property managers end up doing is, talking to tenants only when required. This might lead to the formation of multiple impressions in the tenant’s mind. One might think that the property manager is too arrogant to talk, or he is always busy. Once your tenant forms such impressions, he might not even wave you while passing, and believe it or not, you will not feel good about it. So, at times, call them up or send emails to ask them if they are happy staying here. You can even ask whether they are facing any problems and how sooner they would be fixed up.


Keep the property maintained


One of the biggest reasons why residents stay happy during their stay is a clean property. Cleanliness is what every tenant would prefer. The more hygienic a property is, the chances to retain automatically get higher. Be it a swimming pool, kitchen, backyard, garden, bathroom or bedroom, make sure you keep every nook and corner of the property clean so that the tenant will have no question left to raise. Another advantage of keeping your property clean is your chance of raising your rent higher. A good property will always charge high rent, and the tenant is good enough, he might agree to stay.


Grab hold of technology


Websites have emerged to be the best platforms where a business can be exposed on a global basis. Being a property manager, you must always keep a website of your own. Apart from advertising about your property, you can keep a comments section where your tenants can post their feedbacks from time to time. Besides, you can join social media sites where you can form communities by adding all your current tenants. This would help you create a better bond with them as you will come to know about the various problems they are facing.


Don’t keep too many restrictions


You might come across tenants wanting to keep pets or some might want to stay away from any sort of noise. So, you can always try helping them with sound solutions. Pets, unless they are harmful to the property, should not be a problem. On the other hand, you can put up soundless window pane so that they can be impressed by your initiative. Moreover, you can talk to your landlord about this sort of assistance and can even come up with better ideas and suggestions.