Far away from all the hassle and fast-paced life, Hammocks, FL is a slow city which has evolved over the past few years. If you want to spend your time away from the concrete jungle, then this suburb will prove to be your place to find happiness. It is a small town where lives larger than life people and their culture. This place is famous for its growing culinary scene and you can try all types of delicacies here.


Things to do in The Hammocks, FL

Love Lock Bridge at Palms at Town & Country:

Well, who doesn’t love little traditions? This place reminds of Paris where there is love Lock Bridge. Couples come here attach their personalized locks on this bridge praying to keep their love for each other alive for eternity. You can see hundreds and thousands of locks attached to the bridge, they never come off.



If this place will not calm your cravings to try new delicacies then nothing will. This place is known for cuisines like Korean pig ears, mac and cheese rotation, Serrano ham croquetas and more. You will definitely enjoy the ambiance here.


Indian Hammocks Park:

This is a small township that owns the largest green space in town. You can explore the entire park by foot or you can rent a bike. There are numerous shopping strips and you can also participate in numerous sports activities as well.


Rockdale Pineland Preserve:

This place is wholly dedicated to the conservation of pine forest. You can on a trekking adventure or camp near the riverside; it will be an adventurous experience.