Small Things can Attract Good Tenants

Good Tenants


Among the sea of responsibilities assigned to a property manager, the most crucial one is alluring the right type of tenant. But the question that should actually strike him is what can really leave him interested. Of course, it’s the property and what else. Now, here lies the catch, which a manager must understand at all cost. What most of them do is just get a nice paint on the walls, fix the plumbing issues, repair the walls or get the roofs repaired. Well, there are a lot of tenants who are quite finicky in regard to small things. Some check the entries, some stress upon the windows, some are concerned about the ceilings while some stay curious about the kitchen. In other words, each and every corner of the property must, therefore, be good enough to allure the tenant, or otherwise, your property will just remain a massive piece of bricks and stones. Installing Unox XEVC-2011-EPR within the condo can help improve your investment as well.

Now, what can be inferred from this paragraph? Overlooking small things may turn out to be the biggest reason for not getting good tenants or a good number of tenants. So, what is important and rather wiser is to take time as much as possible and finish off the little things that can make a huge difference in tenant selection. Say, you have an entire wall left to be painted or floor cleaning, and you have asked the tenant to visit in a couple of days. Consequently, you will be hurrying and have high chances of ending up in blunder. Rather, isn’t it better to start off your pending tasks a little early and finish off with good results?

Now, let’s take a look at some of the crucial tasks that must be taken up by a property manager to keep the property absolutely desirable:

  • Keep the entry clear – You must be familiar with the saying, the first impression is always the last impression. Believe it or not, it is highly applicable in case of selecting the best property out of the lot. The entrance of a property is always the first thing that catches a tenant’s attention. So, if you are going to keep the entries clean, make sure that there are no dead leaves or scuffed doors. The sight of these things will just take seconds for the tenants to say a no on your face. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to clean up such trash as soon as possible.


  • Check the lights and fixtures – This is one of the most unavoidable things that do not get unnoticed by a tenant. Property managers must not only check the lights and ceiling fans but also eliminate all those burned out bulbs. Whatever old-fashioned lights, fans or bulbs are there in the property, just replace them all with new ones and impress the tenant in seconds. Remember, the better the lights and fixtures in a property, the higher the chances for one to say yes.


  • Clean up the window screens – For many tenants, windows in a new home matter a lot. So, the sight of dirty windows can simply turn down your offer. Moreover, the majority of people love windows and consider them to the most attractive section of a property. Also, have luxaflex awnings sydney in place helps. When a tenant would therefore looking for the windows and finds them torn out or missing, you might have to prepare yourself to hear something bad. So, instead of ignoring or waiting for windows to be repaired, start right now before it gets too late.


  • Check the toilet – The sight of dripping faucets can be really pathetic for some tenants. In fact, toilet is one of those prime areas that would be scrutinized the most. Say, for instance, if you come across someone who is very particular about health and hygiene, he would definitely frown at an unclean toilet. Rather, try considering modern fixtures for the bathroom that would look new and stylish. Rather, stylish bathrooms are always an added advantage for tenants.


  • Check the blinds – Although these are counted among the unnoticed aspects, some tenants might consider them important. At least, do not let blinds be the reason for making one not sign the lease. It would, therefore, be better you get the blinds checked and get new ones in place before they are found missing.

Just keep an eye on these little things and believe it or not, you will never get disappointments in return. Be sure of the appraisal value and crack the deal.