Tips to Keep your Property Environmental-friendly


recycling on your property


While shifting to a new property, different people have different desires in mind. Some think that their new home must be solar powered, some prefer to start off a new life with a pet while some others prefer keeping their new home eco-friendly. Well, out of these, keeping a property green is essential owing to the increasing aftereffects of global warming. In fact, reports have found that tenants are now ready to pay more for environmental-friendly homes. Some property managers even prefer using metered utility devices to track down the efficient standards with the aim to safeguard the environment. Moreover, tenants find it extremely helpful and safe to take shelter in such homes for a lifetime owing to such initiatives.

Now, if you are one of the property managers having such similar plans in mind, you must be aware of a few things that would certainly help you allure good tenants. Have a look:

Get rid of CFL and LED lamps

One of the reasons why plenty of property managers prefer getting rid of CFL and LED bulbs because the quantity of energy they consume is a lot more than what is consumed from incandescent bulbs. As a matter of fact, incandescent bulbs consume only 5% of the energy absorbed as a proper light source. Despite, people still keep buying LEDs in good numbers as they illuminate a place to a good extent. However, incandescent lights will cost you lesser and also consume minimal energy.


Try recycling everything

Believe it or not, it’s not at all a challenge. You just need to have a recycling program that can recycle paper, ink cartridges etc. However, you can move a step further by inspiring your residents to recycle paper, aluminum, plastic etc. Whether you are a property manager or the owner of an office, you can always save money by dropping the idea of assigning an employee to get the recyclables to a center for reimbursing items. Rather, you can spend on upgrading to less toxic cleaners or eco-friendly light bulbs. In other words, there must be a three-way approach, which should deal with property owners, residents, and eco-friendliness.


Reach out to your landlord with the green suggestion

Everything cannot be in your hands being a property manager. So, in such cases, you have to seek help and cooperation from your landlord. For this, you can get some research reports on the demand of eco-friendly properties and how tenants are looking at them now. This is because many landlords might not be willing to spend for these initiatives. But if they come across current reports and figures, they might be convinced to get the job done in quick time. However, the option of getting high-energy consuming bulbs can always be considered by landlords in terms of money.


Advertise smartly

The display of a property, rich in eco-friendliness, will certainly be the ad of the day. Whether you wish to commercialize it in your daily newspaper, newsletter or your website, the response from tenants will not leave you disappointed. This is going to be a truly unique advertisement for your tenants who would love to take a visit to your property.


Keep a few subtle changes in mind

Apart from looking after the lighting system, you need to check a few things out of necessity. For instance, if you are intending to serve your platters in a unique way, avoid serving them on Styrofoam plates. No matter how delectable they look, do not include them in your table if you are really looking forward to making your home eco-friendly. On the other hand, you might be having a swimming pool, which you always need to keep it clean and clear. But this does not mean that you use chlorine for the purpose. A strong smell of chlorine would rather defeat the purpose of keeping your property green. Again, if you are having a well-maintained lawn, make sure that it does not include plants that require too much of water. Rather, try to eliminate carbon footprint as much as possible with the right fertilizers.


Now that you have gone through all the above points, you have got an idea that being a property manager, you can take a pleasant initiative to keep your tenants happy and sustained. Just make sure that you are spending for something good and implement the same with care and concern. Results are surely going to be in your favor.