Top 7 qualities of having a good property manager


Most of the people hesitate when hiring a property manager. They have a mindset that would a third person love the property as the landlord. Since a bad hire can cause a lot of mental harassment, time and money. Though it is impossible to guarantee the property manager will be impeccable, but right property Management Company will certainly find the best, not the greatest to suit the customer needs. Some of the qualities of a good property manager include



Every landlord wants a property manager that will care for their property as their own. This can be achieved by an investor mindset. The manager should have a very clear understanding of the difference between net present value and internal rate of return. Having an investor mindset will the manager to see the bigger picture. The manager will know when to spend money and when to apply concessions.



This is the most crucial factor when the landlord chooses a property manager for their property. An experienced property manager should have years of customer handling experience.  The individual should know how to get the best of the troubled properties and should be aware of the regulations, laws, and procedures of the state.



Managing a property can be stressful at times. A well-known property manager should have this characteristic. The individual should keep calm when the payments are late and with investors who have out of the world expectations.

The individual should listen to the problem of the landlord who is interested in renting the property. The individual should not start the conversation about the money. This provides a very bad impression. This makes the landlord think that the individual is only interested in money and would love the property as their money. Listening to the complaints a providing realistic solution to the landlord should be the manager’s priority.



The ability to know when to be aggressive and when to raise a voice is a quality of a good property manager. The individual should be very comfortable with contracts and the residents. Sensitive business should be dealt with care and should treat the investor with respect. A well behaved and professional property manager is loved by all.


Communication skills

A good property manager should have good communication skills both in oral and in writing.   A good property manager should inform the investor of what property they should take or the landlord about the best tenants. The manager should be well aware of what’s the happening in the property which the investor is planning to take. For example, if the property is prone to crimes or if the property has the friendly neighborhood, then the manager should keep the investor aware of this facts.



Property management is a constantly ongoing process. The property manager can find himself very busy in some situations. For example, a property manager could rent out some property, provide insight to the investor to another property, and renovate another property and communicating with the landlord struggling with troublesome tenants. To manage and stay top of the line, a property manager should have exceptional organization skills.


Tech expert

A good property manager should be tech expert. Since people are no all about the web. So getting hold of latest technologies should be the priority. The manager should have a social forum to advertise the property that the investor is willing to sell. This more generates huge traffic and the no of the applications to stay in a particular property will be more. This also helps in attracting sonicated tenants. A good Facebook or an Instagram page can serve as a deal breaker.

For example, if an investor wants to sell his property, then the manager should take a good picture of the property have a detailed scenario of its description and post it online. Timely update of the property should be given the hike in price or new driveway created for car use.  

This will engage new customers. The manager should also be aware of the area that manager is trying to sell. If the neighborhood is more prone to crime, then the manager should inform the investor beforehand. Though the value of the property will be low but will have a huge life risk. Moreover, he should also be aware of the market price about the area. This will save the manager from a lot of embarrassment when he faces a knowledgeable customer. The manager should have a motto of customer satisfaction instead thinking about his profit.